Friday, 23 December 2016

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Thursday, 22 December 2016

Surprising Health Benefits Of African Cherry a.k.a Agbalumo or Udara

Popularly called Agbalumo, Udara, and Otien in some parts of Nigeria, the African cherry fruit has lots of health benefits that will surprise anyone!
The exotic fruit which has a chewable edible skin that ranges in color from green to orange, depending on the stage of ripeness. The tender, sweet inner flesh is off-white with seeds making the inner to look like a star-shaped fruit. This obviously shows where it got the nickname 'star apple'. purple and white and has a star shape formed by seeds through the middle of the fruit. The beautiful fruit can be gotten mostly everywhere in Nigeria towards the end of November till later in March when it would have gone out of season.

Here are a few out of the countless benefits of African Cherry:

Vitamins and Minerals
Star apples serve as a good source of calcium, with each serving providing you with 10 percent of the amount you require each day. The calcium lends strength to your bones and teeth, and it may also lessen symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, such as cramping and abdominal bloating. This fruit also contains 5 percent of the daily recommended value per serving of vitamin C and vitamin A. Additionally, one serving of star apples serves up 2 percent of the iron, a mineral vital for oxygenating your body, that you need every day.

Helps Diabetic conditions
Star apples may have particular benefits for diabetics. Research published in the September 2009 edition of the "African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology" indicates that the leaves of this fruit may reduce glucose levels in diabetic rabbits, the same function that insulin serves. Take note, however, that consuming star apple leaves appears to have a toxic affect when eaten in large quantities. More research is needed to determine the effectiveness of star apple leaves to control diabetes in humans.

Medicinal Uses
The star apple is a folk remedy in several countries, although no research exists to confirm these uses. The seeds of this fruit may be useful to reduce fevers and treat diarrhea. Some people also eat this fruit to reduce the inflammation associated with laryngitis and pneumonia. Other uses, including treatment for hypertension, tooth abscesses, heart problems, intestinal issues and cancer exist, but do not eat star apple for any medical condition without first consulting your physician.

Helps You Lose Weight
Eating a serving of star apple contributes 3 g of fiber to the recommended daily intake of 25 to 38 g. Fiber provides bulk to your diet, a factor that can make your stomach feel fuller for longer. This can keep you from eating too much, and it may help you lose weight. This nutrient can also help protect you from diabetes and some forms of cancer.

All-Round Basic Nutrition
1-cup serving of fresh star apple contains 67 calories. Eating star apple as a snack is a good choice as the calories are low and it provides no fat; however, this may not be enough calories to ease hunger pains and boost energy levels, as between-meal snack are meant to do. The Diet Channel notes that 100 to 200 calories per snack is best; consider eating an oz. of cheese or a tsp. of peanut butter to boost the number of calories into this range. One serving of star apple also has 15 g of carbohydrates, or 11.5 percent of the 130 g suggested for daily consumption by the Institute of Medicine.

Saturday, 17 December 2016

F.A.E.Pites emerge winners and finalists at the All Youth Tush awards 2016

*Futo Association Of Entertainment Practioners(F.A.E.P)*

Congratulatory message to members( winners and finalists ) on their outing at the #TushAwards2016

A massive congratulations to Mc Toothpick & Bob G for clinching Student comedian of 2016 and Student Artist of 2016 awards respectively at the just concluded "All Youths Tush Awards 2016".  Big ups to all FAEPites who were finalists too, You all have made us and the whole Futo social community proud!!.
This is a now a *call to Obey*. I mean you all now have to live above expectations . Work Harder and get on Projects that will reverb across all the schools and the entertainment industry you all have been exposed to. Let'em know Futo Entertainers are of a new breed now and we are now vibing on a different plane. It should be in your best interest if you made healthy connections out there because the industry is like a chain of circles and I expect you all ( the winners and all who made it to the finals) to now come rub off your experience on us so we lock horns together (this time not in disagreement or fight but )to mesh and create a synergy to the growth of Entertainment in Futo, our individual careers and to justify what #FAEP stands for....

Its about time our collective effort is felt in Futo. Let's stay united and committed to the course. - #FaepTheMovement

Courtesy: Smockizzy (pioneer Faep President.) For F.A.E.P

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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Naija's trending Horror Movie.

Who said we can't make it happen!
It is here! It is new! Its already trending! The first of its kind!

A south African artist Keisha Ngudu who painted people's dreams and bad incidents before they happened was killed in 1982, somehow she came back to take revenge on humanity. Find out what happened in this epic short horror from the stables of #whispers_productions its coming hot, fresh outta the oven, you can't miss this one, tell friends about it and anticipate, #DREAM is coming, wait for it! @whisper_vc @whispers_pro @chudee_evolution_pictures how wild is your imagination @dream2016movie

Click here to see the trailer>>

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Friday, 25 November 2016



I choose to desist from this strive
Me Me Me

It is not about me but he who desires
The source of his pleasure within me

The stillness of his presence therefore
Embeds my peace

In his smile
I find my confidence

The acme of his laughter
erupts my glory

The grit of his command
Instigates my fulfilment

You might call him bossy
That's because he's the boss
And that makes each day brisk and fun

He is all about my business
Yes! Because!
it is all about him craving the wellspring of his pleasure
TRAPPED in me.

Written by: EPK
Edited and published by: kingdavidpeter blog

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Answer and stand the chance of winning!

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Friday, 18 November 2016

Are you finding it difficult to sleep tonight?

Schedule time to wind down before bed.
Rather than simply hopping into bed and expecting to be relaxed, give yourself at least 15-30 minutes to let your mind unwind after a long and stressful day.

There are techniques you can use to let go of taxing or stressful thoughts so that you can relax overnight.

For example you can:
Write a list of what you have achieved during the day.
Check off your achievements from a to-do list. These can be mundane, everyday tasks which are often the cause of most of our stress.
Write down your thoughts in a diary or journal.
Write down your tasks for the next day so that they are not weighing on you in bed.
Meditate for 15-30 minutes to clear your head.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Global warming and the Nigerian youth.

Yesterday a group of young men and women gathered at the united nations information centre ikoyi lagos to deliberate on issues affecting our climate globally also known as global warming...

Global warming which is the gradual increase in the temperature of the Earth's surface, atmosphere and oceans as a result of greenhouse gases. Carbon dioxide emissions created by burning fossil fuels create a barrier that traps the sun's heat on the Earth causing the planet to warm up, has now become a pressing issue that needs all hands on deck.
Presently webare battling with a 2degree centigrade increase in earth temperature and if we do business as usual (ie: if we continue like this) by 2100 we will have 4 degree centigrade increase that is times 2 of what we are experiencing now.

Ideas on how to reduce this mayhem by 2100 was delibrated upon. calculations and possible conclusions was reached. Families were encouraged to ensure atleast a tree is planted in there compounds.

Certificates were issued after the event..

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Do you want to emerge a general? don't miss this program.

It's here!! It's big, it's powerful!!!!
Anglican Diocese of Ikeduru presents:::
Fire Convocation
date: Friday 18 November 2016,
Time: 7pm till dawn...
Venue: ST. Andrew's Anglican church Ikeduru....
Guest Speaker : Dr Davidson Wokonko
Ministring: Minister Buzor
Minister Dab
Minister Tim and Friends
Minister Godson David
Blessed Paul
Showers of Glory Mass Choir
Perfect Man Theater.....
Featuring :
Word Importation
Powerful Praise and worship
Fathers blessing
Holy Ghost impartation
Healing and Deliverance
Prophetic Declaration and lots more....
Come.... It promises to be exciting like never before....
It's going to be heaven on earth !!!!
For seat reservations call 08062573691....

MMM about to be shut down by the federal government in Nigeria.

The federal government of Nigeria is taking moves to shut down MMM operations in Nigeria.

Speaking at the 2016 Lagos International Trade Fair, the managing director of the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC), Alhaji Umaru Ibrahim, said that regulators have set up a committee to see the end of the nefarious activities of the ‘fraudsters’ across the country.
“I wish to sound a word of caution to members of the public on the activities of illegal fund managers, otherwise known as Wonder Banks. It is worrisome to note that despite repeated advice, many unsuspecting members of the public are still falling victims to the mouth-watering interest being offered by these illegal fund managers.

“Members of the public are therefore advised to patronise only banking institutions that display the NDIC sticker: “Insured by NDIC” in their banking halls or entrances. However, the regulatory authorities have set up an inter-agency committee under the Financial Services Regulatory Coordinating Committee(FRSCC) to stem the nefarious activities of these fraudster across the nation”.
Well, it seems Nigerians are not so cool about this update ass they took to social media to lambast and curse the government. Read the reactions below:

A Facebook user, Adedoyin Adebamowo took to Facebook to wrote: ” Government says “Participate in MMM at your own risk”
This is laughable. In Nigeria, I sleep at my own risk, I wake up at my own risk, I go out at my own risk, I come in at my own risk, I put my MONEY in the bank at my own risk, Even in banks, CARS are parked at OWNERS risk. I do everything at my own risk. So there’s nothing special about doing MMM at my own risk… Long Live MMM Nigeria…Mavrodians, enjoy jor …”

Live update on US election: Donald Trump on course for victory...

Voters in the United States of America have begun casting their ballots in the much anticipated presidential election between the Democratic Party candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her rival from the Republican Party, Donald Trump.
Americans have begun casting their ballots in the much anticipated presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
Clinton and Donald Trump are at war in the US presidential race. But who is leading in the polls?

@ Kingdavidpeter we are covering the contest to keep you updated.

Projections from election analyst have put Donald Trump on 259 electoral college votes and at this stage, all the numbers are leading towards a Trump victory n the US election as data below indicate.

Monday, 7 November 2016

MEN! 6things you must avoid to ensure a healthier sexual life... ladies and wife's read and share to your male partners and friends.

IMPOTENCE – the inability to achieve or maintain an erection, and in some cases the inability to achieve ejaculation, is one unfortunate problem that has the power to destroy homes and relationships due to the stress and emotional trauma it comes with.
While a good number of infertility/impotence cases can be linked to diseases or some other health related problems, studies have shown that there are many simple and seemingly harmless everyday habits of men that could induce it. Note that it usually manifests in form of erectile dysfunction, weak erection, premature ejaculation and the likes.
Here are 6 everyday habits that could be killing your sperm cells and affecting your sexual health without you even knowing:

Smoking adverts usually come with a warning that ‘tobacco smoking is dangerous to health’, many people overlook this warning and still indulge in the habit; what most people don’t know is that in addition to the risk of cancer, smoking also affects your chances of producing healthy sperm and could cause problems in your bedroom performance over time – problems like premature ejaculation and even weak erections.
These can however be fixed by quitting the habit and using appropriate treatments; click here to learn about natural remedies to fix weak erection.

Excessive alcohol consumption is also a habit that can really mess up a man’s sexual and reproductive health. While it may seem like a harmless everyday habit to many, it’s effect on fertility and sexual performance can be saddening.
Don’t be deceived by the temporary highness it comes with, excessive alcohol can be cause of your low bedroom performance, learn how to fix by clicking HERE!

This is one point that too many men take for granted; there is absolutely no good reason to keep your manhood choked up with very tight underwear, shorts or trousers – wear them in your size!
The right size to wear is the one that lets your organ breathe without bending it in uncomfortable positions that end up ruining your performance and fertility. If you are guilty of this and have been having problems in the bedroom, change this terrible habit and get the right treatments NOW !

Stress has a way of affecting your overall health. Physical and mental stress causes an unhealthy mind and subsequently, an unhealthy body. Stress is also one of the biggest problems that can affect a man’s performance and fertility over time.
Take time to let go of the stress, do not think too much, work hard but find time to rest both body and mind – this point cannot be overemphasized!

Nutrition is very vital for the overall health of a man; don’t just eat a lot of food, eat the right kinds of food, try to balance your diet; you don’t even have to spend too much for this. Be sure your diets include the vital classes of food. Various supplements also exist to make up for vital nutrients you may be lacking.
A healthy body produces healthy sperms and with the right solutions you can enhance your
sexual health .

The abuse of drugs like marijuana and other recreational drugs can seriously mess up a man’s sexual health; most people indulge in drug use without realizing the grave impact it has on their health, if you are one of those people, you should know you are better off picking up a different form of relaxation.

Dear men, if you are guilty of these habits listed here, do not be discouraged, most of the effects can be reversed by quitting or minimizing the cause, living healthier and using the right safe and natural solutions made to treat problems like weak erection, premature ejaculation and other form of erectile dysfunction.

Thank you
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And share to your friends and family members, you might never know who needs it.

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Saturday, 5 November 2016

The deep but revealing feelings of a poet...


I am in love.
The feeling is obscure
One minute I'm gay
The next I'm gloomy
Who is the reason for this feeling
One minute I'm proud to say,
The next uncertainty sets in.

I am in love with a ghost
I ponder.
One minute I'm excited about the mystic
The next, I question my sanity

I do not doubt the love I feel
I do not question the reality of the presence.
Although I can't tell the gender.

One minute I am unequivocal it's the love of a god
The next i am certain this love so strong out weighs a god But The one true God.

Written by: E.P.K
Published by: kingdavidpeter blog

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Working towards breaking science guiness record?

Hey lagosians!!!!! Let's break world's record together at the university of lagos multi purpose hall... Just come sit watch enjoy and go with packages....

This is the message that has gone viral online...

The world Guinness records in collaboration with science ambassador foundation and partnership with kingdavidpeter blog organises a science day exhibition at the university of lagos multipurpose hall... Hosting over 3000 students... Key speakers Dean of science(prof. A.A Adekunle)

Host scientist (Gov.Akinwunmi Ambode) Guided by Prof. Rahman Bello vice chancellor university of lagos... And so many more...

This is the largest practical science lesson you would ever want to attend.

Theme: Experimental science prerequisite for sustainable development in Nigeria.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

WORDNEY'S third word for the month. This one is mind blowing.

Welcome to WORDNEY'S third word for the month. And we are going to memorize and use it this week...

And the word for this week is .....


(also called bravery or valour ) is the choice and willingness to confront agony , pain ,
danger , uncertainty or intimidation .
Physical courage is courage in the face of physical pain, hardship, death or threat of death, while 

moral courage is the ability to act rightly in the face of popular opposition, shame , scandal, discouragement, or personal loss.

Have you decided to confront that dream?
Have you decided to face that past get over it and move on?

What is it you know you need to do but it seems you're not doing. 
Ignite the courage in you now.

No battle can be won without the courageous move into the battle field.

Try and remember some bold and courageous steps you took while growing up... 

They make your story today interesting.

I remember courageously deciding to visit a country outside nigeria... Wasn't an easy decision... But now the story makes my life interesting.

I remember courageously deciding to run for president (school ooo) country might be later.. #Lol.
I did and won, another inspiring story for me.

I remember courageously deciding to believe God for a miracle... Did I receive? I did. Another uplifting story.

These and many more courageous decisions and more to come. #winks.

There are so many things that are staring at you right now that can make your life an interesting and successful one, it just takes that courageous decision.

#Be courageous
#"Act'' if need be or "Wait'' if its what's needed.

Courage doesn't mean you don't get afraid, courage means you don't let fear stop you.

I love you.

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Thank you for your mails and texts so far.
Your love and support. We cherish.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016



If you lose your mobile phone, you can trace it without going to the police.

Most of us always fear that our phones may be stolen at any time.

Each phone carries a unique
IMEI no. i.e. International Mobile Equipment Identity No which can be used to track it anywhere in the world.

This is how it works:

1. Dial *#06# from your mobile.

2. Your mobile phone shows a unique 15 digit.

3. Note down this number at a secure place except in your mobile phone itself as this is the number which will help trace your phone in case of theft.

4. Once stolen, just E-mail this 15 digit IMEI No. to with details as stated below:

Your name:____________________
Phone model:_________________
Last used No.:_________________
E-mail for communication:_____
Missed date:___________________
IMEI No :_______________________

5.Your Mobile will be traced within next 24 hours via a complex system of GPRS and internet, You will find where your hand set is being operated and the new user's No. will be sent to your email.
6. After this, you can inform the Police with the details you now have.


Friday, 14 October 2016

Worlds shortest couple.

The worlds shortest couple katyucia Hoshini and paulo Gabriel da Silva barros,
From Brazil are finally married, 8years after social media brought them together.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

WORDNEY's Second word for the month.... you can't miss this one.

Welcome to WORDNEY'S second word for the month. And we are going to memorize and use it this week...

You will be seeing acronyms such P.A.T meaning (Pause And Think).

T.A.M meaning (Try And memorize)

And the word for the letter B is .....


>To have confidence in the truth,
In the existence, or the reliability of something,

>To accept as "true" or "real"

What do you believe about yourself today?... P.A.T

Do you remember when, as a child you believed every Christmas would be a period of joy and celebration?
That belief produced Joy and happiness. No matter how little or big the celebration turned out, you found a reason to stay happy and joyful.

Do you remember when you believed all your relatives were good people?
That belief produced Love. You greeted and embraced all that came around not minding the look on your parents face.. Lol.

What are you believing these days?
What is your belief producing? Joy or pain?

Your beliefs are "silent" voices that echo within.
(I call it silent, because they act like they are saying nothing leaving you thinking that's just me or that's just normal). Try listening, yould hear it.

How do I change wrong programmed beliefs...
Reprogramme it. 
When it speaks don't just accept, reply with the right belief you want to work with today...


Some believe when they are angry they are powerful... ( but is very unhealthy: topic for another day)
So; to change that: when the programmed anger speaks... Silence its voice ..  And input joy instead, by saying " I stay joyful and happy. The truth is you might not feel it, but don't worry about the feelings,Just keep on believing and saying the right words... Feelings will follow. #Believe me.

Today think about what you believe, for yourself, friends, relationships, destiny and life as a whole and even your enemies and correct if there be need, or run with it, if you're already on the right path.

I love you.

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Your love and support. We cherish.

Monday, 3 October 2016

oh my! Kim karsashian was robbed! and $11million worth of jewellery reportedly stolen from her at gunpoint in Paris hotel

News broke earlier that Kim Kardashian West was held at gunpoint and robbed in a discreet luxury residence in Paris by at least two armed masked men dressed as police officers, on Monday between the hours of 2 to 4 am. It has now been revealed that at least '$11 million' worth of jewellery was stolen. The men reportedly stole a jewellery box worth €6 million ($6.7 million) and a ring worth €4 million ($4.5 million).

"At around 2.30am, the robbers are believed to have entered the building and handcuffed the night guard. They then entered Kim's room, threatened her with a weapon, 'tied her up and locked her in the bathroom. Her daughter, North, and 10-month-old son Saint, are not believed to have been in the room at the time."

A photographer, who has been following Kim since she arrived in Paris, is being questioned by police. He is said to have gained access to a restaurant where she and her family were dining earlier this week by posing as a policeman. A Paris police official also confirmed that there was a robbery and an investigation was underway.

WORDNEY'S first word for the month!... #I'm smilling.

Welcome to WORDNEY'S first word for the month. And we are going to memorize and use it this week...

You will be seeing acronyms such P.A.T meaning (Pause And Think).

T.A.M meaning (Try And memorize)

And the word is......


Definition: This is the ability
To directly know and perceive,
To feel,
To be conscious of events, objects, thoughts, emotions, or sensory patterns. (T.A.M)

Self-awareness sometimes reffered to as self-knowledge or introspection is about understanding your own needs,desires,failings,habits and everything that makes you.
The more you know about yourself the better you are at adapting to life changes that suit your needs.

Yes, self-awareness is a big part of both therapy and philosophy, it is also the basis for self quantified movement, which assumes that collection of data about yourself,  promotes making improvements on that data.

Did you know there were times you consciously contributed to committing your name to memory? (P.A.T)
That now you don't need to remind yourself your name.

Do you know there were times you had to consciously wash your mouth every morning in order to get used to washing it everyday?  Now its just a norm.

Have you consciously contributed To your dreams, desires, the man/woman you want to become, so much that you just live it, speak it or Act it, like its already here (P.A.T)

How AWARE are you of who you are? And Who you want to be?
Try and answer.

Reread the definitions of AWARENESS...

This week... consciously stay awake to who you are, who you want to be and what you want to have. Make the pictures clear and run with it this week...

In a day ensure you consciously speak to yourself and think about it for like 5mins and like 6 times.

 That is you've given 30mins attention to the right thoughts.
 if you can do more each day better...

#Ask yourself questions.
#Answer them.
#Be honest to yourself.
#work with writting materials... You might need to write down things.

I love you.

Please do not fail to share with friends and family... So they can be a part of this self discovery journey I promise you its going to be fun.

You can drop your comments, and  questions.
Or you can as well text me on +2349020329299 or

Thank you.


Welcome to October! 🤗

Watch out you're about to have a joy filled month.
I have something for you this month,WORDNEY!

WORDNEY is a KDP blog creation designed to precipitate words that keep you connected to staying happy and making money this month of october...

E hee!🤓...  I am an OVO (Octobers Very Own #4)..😇

Oh k, back to WORDNEY
This month we would focus on the A.B.C.D of staying happy and making money. 😉

Week 1 = A😃
Week 2 = B🙇🏾
Week 3 = C🤑
Week 4 = D💪🏽

It is simple: the link for each word per week will be sent weekly.

Just click, read, assimilate and memorize the word, then apply where and when necessary in conversations and thoughts, for that week (Mon-Sun).

It will change the way you see yourself, others and your environment, and help you reshape your life for good.

Then when opportunities to make things happen comes, those words play their roles consciously and subconsciously to your favor.

*I'm smiling now. We are having so much fun this October!


Friday, 30 September 2016

Public Holiday for Nigerians.

Independence Day: FG Declares Monday Public Holiday.

The Federal Government has declared Monday, October 3, as Public Holiday to mark Nigeria’s 56th Independence Anniversary.
This was contained in a statement signed by the Acting Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Interior, Alhaji Muhammadu Maccido and issued to MYNAIJAINFO Thursday in Abuja.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Chai! naira crash again....

Nigerian currency, Naira has dropped eight points to trade at a new record low of 436 against the United States dollar in black market, on Thursday night, September 22 to Friday morning, September 23.
This comes against the N428/$1 rate it was on Wednesday, September 21.

The Naira has continued to weaken after a data released by the National Bureau of Statistics showed that the economy was in recession. Also, the persistent dollar shortages on the official market is making life hard for Bureau de change operators.
But according to the Association of Bureau De Change Operators of Nigeria, the naira would recover by Monday, September 26 due to the introduction of Travelex, a licensed forex dealer.
Travelex, an international money transfer organisation, was officially directed by the CBN to distribute forex to the BDC operators by Monday.

How to have the best day today...

Starting your morning with music you find beautiful, or a book you find inspirational or motivational, is the perfect way to set yourself up for success.
It can give you something to look forward to in the morning, and sets you up with the right mindset to greet the day.

You can adjust your music for the type of day you want to have, whether you need something that gets you pumped for an action-packed day, or something more soothing so you can handle a stressful day.

The mind is hungry for new tidbits of information it can go to work on, and you should feed it every day, the same way you feed your body.

Choosing the Right Audio

Whether you pick a group of songs, or an audiobook that inspires you, is up to you. Choose your songs carefully though, as they can get stuck in your head, and if this sort of thing drives you crazy you might be better off listening to a book.

I love these quotes...

"Think about what your thinking about."
"Saw it first from a Joyce meyer book"

"Change your thoughts and you change your world"
By Norman Vincent Peale

"With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts"
By Eleanor Roosevelt.

So start your day today with songs or audio books that will channel your thoughts towards a more productive day.

Thank you. Keep reading kingdavidpeter blog.
I love you.

cultist fight in PortHarcourt. was almost a victim... can't tho...*winks

Is port Harcourt still safe?

Guess what is happening... I am running.. Literally running...
Was scouting for salvation ministry, getting to the junction I was directed,
I heard gun shots... (That is around presidential bus stop...)
Beloved brothers and sisters as men started running what did you expect of your humble servant I follow pick race..

Looking out I saw the police officers that were standing at that junction in front of me running when and how they over took me, I cannot say...

But fear thou not I am alive and for locating salvation ministry, I'd better find another road or it waits for my next trip to port Harcourt...

Thank you... Keep reading kingdavidpeter blog...
I love you. of my favorite couples have fallen victim...

After 12 years and six kids together, Angelina Jolie files for divorce from Brad Pitt just after their two-year wedding anniversary. Subscribe now for the real story behind the split, only in PEOPLE.
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt may have had the ultimate Hollywood romance from the outside, but behind closed doors, their marriage was slowly coming apart.
After months of mounting tensions between the two, Jolie, 41, told Pitt she
wanted a divorce , an end to their two-year marriage and 12-year relationship.
"Things built and built over time – it wasn't any one thing," a source close to the actress tells PEOPLE in this week's cover story, on newsstands Friday. "She's loved this man for several years, and [divorce] is not something you do impulsively."
Meanwhile, a Pitt source tells PEOPLE: "There was clearly a breaking point, where she'd just had enough," says the Pitt source. "He may have been broken himself and said he couldn't go on, and she reacted. This has been difficult for a while."
In the cover story, sources detail how Jolie told Pitt she wanted a divorce, why he "begged" her to wait and how their relationship began to crumble after their 2014 wedding. They faced increasing differences over parenting styles (with Brad taking a "stricter approach versus Angelina’s "more relaxed attitude," according to another insider), the direction of their careers and more.
For more details inside Jolie and Pitt's decision to end their marriage, pick up this week's issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday
A Pitt source says Jolie told Pitt she was moving forward with the divorce just two days before she filed papers in an L.A. court on September 19 – and Pitt was "wrecked."
"He was appealing to her to do this quietly – not to save the marriage but to consider the well-being of the children – and it was ignored," says the Pitt source. But Jolie – who said in a statement the decision was "for the health of her family" – did "what she needed to do," says a source close to her.
For more on the divorce, watch People Cover Story: Brad & Angelina on the new People/Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN). Go to or download the free app on your Smart TV, mobile and Web devices.
Still, both sides say Pitt and Jolie still love each other and expect them to find a way to "move forward in a dignified way," as a Pitt source puts it. Says a Jolie source: "They have six kids together and are always going to be in each other's lives."

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

10 couples were wed in the pink coffin. Minutes later they were buried and mourned!

When we get married, we promise to be together until death separates us. However, these couples decided not to wait till the end and not to let the death separate them. So, they got married in pink coffins!

This strange wedding ceremony has taken place in Bangkok, Thailand; in one of the local temples. Here is what they did. Several couples in their turn laid down in the pink coffin. There they have exchanged their wedding rings and pronounced their vows. As many as 10 couples have gotten married that way on one day.

Why did they pick such a bizarre ceremony for the best and most special day of their lives? Well, locals believe getting married in a pink coffin destroys bad luck and promises blessings and success to the newlyweds.

Then even more absurd things happened. The new husband and wife were covered with a piece of the white fabric, while lying in the coffin. It symbolizes their death and burial! And the monks started chanting over them and mourning them, as if the just married couple was dead!

After the wedding and the burial ceremonies were over, the couples went on to celebrate the marriage and had the feast. Every year on the Valentine ’s Day this local temple offers such unusual ceremonies to the brides and the grooms of Bangkok. They are done once a year. Thank God, we know how to do better and stay away from the heathen traditions!