Sunday, 31 July 2016

Take Action

You just finished eating, and you're expecting the plate to get to the sink by merely wishing it..... You've seen the young lady you are willing to take to the altar and you are wishing she'll read your mind and accept you, then with only the snap of a finger, everything is set and you are now Mr. & Mrs..... You've seen all the requirements to get your next degree but you are sitted wishing the certificate in question to  appear in your portfolio. It doesn't work that way friend. A hunter merely wishing a bushmeat to appear in his kitchen, will go hungry and a trader  merely wishing that his shop will be restocked is not much different. It is not enough to dream..... It is not enough to have a dish washer or a washing machine, you must get up and put them to use. Don't stop at dreaming, relieve your mind of the weight of all your IMAGE-NATIONS. Don't just expect to wish opportunities into existence. Once you've got the dream/ vision/ idea; take action! Little drops of water make the ocean. One step at a time friend.
Written by Uriel
Published by Red$Black

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