Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Reasons why you should consider shoprite *winks*

Since the hype about Shoprite has   

gone overboard, it would be nice for us to review the things that could be done in it. This would be compared with patronising a regular market in your street or neighbourhood.

Shoprite is a popular South African owned retail chain which sells a variety of household items, food products, appliances and clothing items. Whether the prices are affordable or not, that would be for another discussion. Most state capitals in Nigeria have these large shopping malls that Nigerians are happy about.

Some people get turned off because the people around them cannot stop talking about Shoprite or the things they do in them. This has led us to review this issue and see why people are drawn to these large shopping malls. Some people believe they could get their goods outside Shoprite and at better prices.

This piece would be considering the things you can do in Shoprite that you dare not do in the open markets; we know that there are different rules guiding the mode of operation of these places and we would try to put that in mind while evaluating the issues.
Find below some of the things you can get away with at Shoprite but would not dare to try in an open market:

1. Window shopping is allowed in Shoprite
Hundreds of people stroll into Shoprite daily without buying a single item. They are allowed to walk into the shops within and see the goods and items displayed there. They could even talk to the shop attendants without buying the products eventually.

Now let us move to the regular markets we have around; you know you are not allowed to move around a shop without buying goods from there.
If you stress a market woman while bargaining when you know you would not be buying, you would get what you are looking for.

2. Your things are safe to an extent at the shopping mall
While you are parading the attractive shops within Shoprite, you can be sure your things are safe to an extent when compared to what could happen to you in a regular market.
People make out time to dress up when they know they would be spending some time at the mall, they are not afraid to wear expensive things and look fabulous. You know this is something you dare not try in a regular market for the fear of being mobbed.
Dressing elegantly to an open market could attract the wrong set of people who could steal your money or valuables while you are goofing around.

3. You could get embarrassed in an open market
If you stay too long in a particular shop in a regular market without buying anything, the shop owner would start to suspect you after a while.
This is Nigeria, people are becoming conscious when it comes to security issues. You cannot afford to finger every item on the shelves without really being interested in buying them. You can do this while at Shoprite and no one would look at you funnily.
But in a regular market, you could be tagged a thief and if you get unlucky, get beaten before anyone gets to hear your own side of the story.

4. Your husband could carry the goods while you pick items in a shopping mall
One of the luxuries of patronising a shopping mall like Shoprite is the fact that people mind their businesses and do not bother themselves with your affairs.
You can go shopping with your husband while he pushes the cart for you. But if you do this in a regular market, you tend to get judged. Market women know each other and would always find a way to connect with the other sellers when it is time to gossip.
You may end up being laughed at to the point of embarrassment. A thing like that is considered weird and inappropriate in the society.

5. You can take as many selfies as you want in Shoprite but not in a regular market
Regular markets are so rough you can be sure the pictures would not turn out well. In the shopping malls, you would have lots of beautiful backgrounds that would give you that posh feeling.
If you stick out your selfie stick in a regular market, you would be stared at like some alien. The last thing you want to do is to gain the attention of the market women with their wading tongues.
Remember the goons are out there too, the phone may disappear after your photoshoot... Lol

Written by Naij

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