Sunday, 21 August 2016

She is a baker and it is her wedding, what did you expect? like duuuur... lol... come see Wedding CAKE !!!

I am really excited to share with you these gorgeous wedding pictures of Olamide and Udeme.

The wedding of popular baker, Olamide of ‘Sweet Indulgence’ who got married to her lover recently has been trending because of the amazing cakes she used for both the traditional and white wedding.

Here’s the story behind the traditional wedding cake “ The inspiration behind this cake ….well i tried to incorporate some elements peculiar to our own ceremony ..i love blings and we love the design of the ring from @eternalgems_ng , the beads from @perfectmelange was also incorporated into the design ,Of course not forgetting the Holy bible ..we the yorubas love music hence the talking drum , the palm wine beside it is peculiar to people from the south south …The big suspended luggage is for me , the bride leaving Lagos to Akwaibom of course with my aso oke from @eviritasooke and shoe from @carissasonline …..Inspiration comes from different source(s)… well captured by theboss!!!!@klalaphotography”

And the story behind the white wedding cake “ Ok so my planner and i discussed several times on the ideal wedding cake for the occasion…. well if i wasnt a baker i probably would have worked with a simple 4 tier cake but men… expectations were high …infact some guests were more particular about the wedding cake than jollof or souveniers ……anyway she kept disturbing me …lol so what cake are making so we can prepare your stage…so i said a horse, infact the horse will be standing on just 2 legs and pulling a cake carriage! ….lol ..
At first i had no idea of how to pull through but my planner and fiance (now husband) kept encouraging me and my team …
Infact the first horse fell but with God on our side we just had to try again ….a big thank u to The indulgence team, @bridalboxng…. and my king @spudemz”

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  1. wow! how many years did it take them to finish such beautiful cakes? i love them!