Wednesday, 21 September 2016

10 couples were wed in the pink coffin. Minutes later they were buried and mourned!

When we get married, we promise to be together until death separates us. However, these couples decided not to wait till the end and not to let the death separate them. So, they got married in pink coffins!

This strange wedding ceremony has taken place in Bangkok, Thailand; in one of the local temples. Here is what they did. Several couples in their turn laid down in the pink coffin. There they have exchanged their wedding rings and pronounced their vows. As many as 10 couples have gotten married that way on one day.

Why did they pick such a bizarre ceremony for the best and most special day of their lives? Well, locals believe getting married in a pink coffin destroys bad luck and promises blessings and success to the newlyweds.

Then even more absurd things happened. The new husband and wife were covered with a piece of the white fabric, while lying in the coffin. It symbolizes their death and burial! And the monks started chanting over them and mourning them, as if the just married couple was dead!

After the wedding and the burial ceremonies were over, the couples went on to celebrate the marriage and had the feast. Every year on the Valentine ’s Day this local temple offers such unusual ceremonies to the brides and the grooms of Bangkok. They are done once a year. Thank God, we know how to do better and stay away from the heathen traditions!

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