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WHAT DOES THE FUTURE HOLD? A must read documentary!


It is a natural phenomenon that existence carries along with it advancement. In this, the pace, direction and specification of the advancement remains naturally unknown. Albeit an inkling could be drawn from the happenings of the present.

  • Going by the steady ticking of the clock, it becomes nothing of a surprise to notice that, it has been about fifteen years, since the 20th century gave way. The transition was not overtly dramatic, whilst being characterized by some peculiarities. With about eighty-five years left for the 21st century to give way, some individuals are of the opinion that premature it is, to determine its outcome. But then, with proper calculation as well as a perspicacious insight, the landing point of a projectile is determined long before it lands.

Having established the above fact, one can convincingly state that, the 21st century will most certainly give way for the transition, into a system yet to be known. Be this as it may, the seemingly contrasting views and opinions, are not to be utterly discarded.
Meanwhile, the process of moving or changing from one form or status to another, primarily explains the concept of transition. More so, for something to be unidentified or not yet known, it can as well be said to be unknown.

Individuals in various fields, have brought to the fore their stances, as regards what 21st century, supposedly has to offer.Some educationists are of the opinion that, 21st century learning will be purely learner-driven, with the breaking down of the traditional systems or models of education. While some individuals in the same field are opinionating that the systems of learning in the 19th and 20th centuries will be upheld, but with some modifications.

With individuals still in the euphoria of the various astonishing scientific discoveries already made, scientists are still of the opinion that facts yet uncovered remain inconclusively known – better still unknown. In stating  this fact, they claim that certain ‘mysteries’ yet  to be covered  include: The identity of the dark matter, The nature of the dark energy that drives acceleration, relationship between genes, cancer and luck, the meaning of quantum entanglement, amongst  many others.
In the medical field practitioners opine that owing to the speedy turn of systems as well as springing up of storage health conditions, the current facilities and systems may soon become obsolete.

Having stated the above, it is evident that the 21st century is characterized by same level of uncertainty. This is amidst its undeniable uniqueness.
Necessary at this point it is, to refer to Newton’s first law of motion which states that; ‘’ A body continues in its state of rest or uniform motion, unless being acted upon by an external force’’. By extension, the force is the determinant factor, as regards the direction of the motion. More so, the object progresses in motion, if the force that pulls it forward is greater. Or an object starts moving if the force that pushes it, is greater.

According to Albeit Einstein. The key to understanding every thing better, is looking deep into nature. Furthermore, a deep look into nature will uncover the fact that humanity is in motion – an increasing one.  Referring to Newton’s law which hasn’t been refuted by anyone, the ‘force’, acting on the ‘relative motion’ of humanity is increasingly overwhelming, with part of the aftermaths being the uncertainty of events. These professionals haven’t ceased in acknowledging. Be that as it may, one can strongly opine that 21st century, will record a transition into an endpoint, system or era still unknown.
This ‘force’ can be attributed to the insatiability of humans’ quest and desires.
Furthermore, the natural and corporate right to be individuals, is partly posing a threat to the existence of humanity. Worse still, this is an irrevocable right.

By nature, humans seem untamable, in whatever facet this might be
viewed. If an individual is stopped from walking about, can he also be stopped from; thinking, associating or believing.  Daily, problems arise as a result of the wrong channeling of these, amidst the warnings and enlightenment. One wonders the outcome of tomorrow at the regular and increasing display of the negative offshoots of individuality.
More worrisome, it is as this has partly proven to negate any point of order. As negligible as this might appear to be, its still a huge determinant factor as to how blissful or horrible, tomorrow might be.

More so, democracy is universally acclaimed to be the best system of governance, as no one has successfully debunked that. But one thing remains worthy of note which is the fact that, no system has been able to curtail individuals from conceptualizing or experimenting with ideals or beliefs. The future in this regard hangs in the balance.
Globally, there is an increasing and concerted fight against fundamentalism and extremism. At the same time, there is an increasing menace of extremism with a seemingly modifiable status. In view of this, one may ask; when shall they proponents of global peace, sing the victor’s song?

Applaudable are the efforts by some individuals as well as organizations aimed at eradicating poverty or substantially reducing the rate of unemployment. In fact, such effort is one notable goal of the global big players. As we all know, the world is tilting towards the line of rapid modernization. And with modernization comes mechanization. With various forms of uncertainty, being traceable to mechanization.
From the optimistic point of view, this uncertainty can be eradicated if the empowerment as well as enlightenment is brought to the nooks and crannies of the universe. But in the realistic sense, this appears to be a lifelong goal. Even if it were not, is it an achievement to be conclusively written   on the pages of the 21st century? More so, when will majority of humanity be empowered such that poverty will become a strange topic to be discussed on the global stage?

Inasmuch as appreciable efforts a re being made in this regard, what tomorrow holds for this goal remains tightly occluded. What ever report read and circulated today, is purely theoretical; just a product of mere optimism.
Science they say rules the world. But then, many are eager to be in the know, as regards the direction humanity will be led, before the 21st century gives way.
The world of Medicine, is one area that has recorded tremendous success, within the last century. Just recently, there was a record of a successful head transplant in South Africa. Amidst all these, Medical Scientists insistently opine that, there are many more nuts to be cracked. In the past, the years set as limits had been reached, with no conclusive result. As a matter of consequence, they have been extended. Even at that, the practitioners have not yet given a conclusive report as to when it shall be. Thereby making ‘the near future’, become a cliché.

As earlier stated, scientists are in sessions of increasing experimentation. In a bid to answer some questions, many more are raised. The question of how to make life easier and productivity more efficient has to a reasonable extent been answered. Now the big question psychologists are asking is this; ‘’What shall be done to actively engage and increase the reasoning ability of individual?’’.

That which taught the inhabitants Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki painful lessons in August 1945; earlier started as a mere experimented object. Today, the majority is calling for the abolition, whilst some are spoiling for war. Of a truth, the world is puzzled on this. As in one on a journey to an unknown destination, the end to that is just being merely hoped for with uncertainty seen at various corners.
The information age, which was made possible by the capitalization of the computer microminiaturization advances, has continued to grow in leaps and bounds. In a bid to have a fail-proof network that could connect computers together and remain resistant to any single point of failure, the concept of the internet came to be, in 1969. A British scientist named Tim Berners –Lee is being appraised for the invention of the world wide web in 1989, as well as its introduction in 1991.Thereby making the internet, an easily accessible network.

Furthermore, the invention of the internet, has had some questions answered and some problems, theoretically solved. With its ever-evolving nature. Today, its essence has obviously become limitless. In that same limitlessness of the internet, concerned governments and organizations are daily faced with the onerous task of curbing its excesses. Be this as it may, the internet goes on in its sophistication. Then there the issue of whether  the internet has many more grounds to conquer, or better still, the possibility of the internet being put under flawless  oversight  until  the 21st century winds up. A conclusive answer, not likely to be given, in that regard.

Interstellar travel, remains a hard nut for astronauts to crack, after a successful attempt at interplanetary travel. Several efforts have been made, and structures put in place. Yet the future in this regard seems bleak. More than ever, efforts have been in the 21st century to uncover the  bleakness of events, yet uncertainty beclouds its future.
The extrapolation so far is evident. if any century were to be associated  with the most uncertainty, it’s the 21st century.  Wherein today, we are filled with assurance but as regards what tomorrow holds, one can only wish, indeed no facet, is left out.
Nevertheless, it isn’t a cause to be paranoid but then, a lifejacket becomes necessary, in the light of the possibility of drowning.                                                                                                                                  
Written by: Chika obi.
Published by: kingdavidpeter blog

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