Monday, 3 October 2016


Welcome to October! 🤗

Watch out you're about to have a joy filled month.
I have something for you this month,WORDNEY!

WORDNEY is a KDP blog creation designed to precipitate words that keep you connected to staying happy and making money this month of october...

E hee!🤓...  I am an OVO (Octobers Very Own #4)..😇

Oh k, back to WORDNEY
This month we would focus on the A.B.C.D of staying happy and making money. 😉

Week 1 = A😃
Week 2 = B🙇🏾
Week 3 = C🤑
Week 4 = D💪🏽

It is simple: the link for each word per week will be sent weekly.

Just click, read, assimilate and memorize the word, then apply where and when necessary in conversations and thoughts, for that week (Mon-Sun).

It will change the way you see yourself, others and your environment, and help you reshape your life for good.

Then when opportunities to make things happen comes, those words play their roles consciously and subconsciously to your favor.

*I'm smiling now. We are having so much fun this October!


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