Monday, 3 October 2016

WORDNEY'S first word for the month!... #I'm smilling.

Welcome to WORDNEY'S first word for the month. And we are going to memorize and use it this week...

You will be seeing acronyms such P.A.T meaning (Pause And Think).

T.A.M meaning (Try And memorize)

And the word is......


Definition: This is the ability
To directly know and perceive,
To feel,
To be conscious of events, objects, thoughts, emotions, or sensory patterns. (T.A.M)

Self-awareness sometimes reffered to as self-knowledge or introspection is about understanding your own needs,desires,failings,habits and everything that makes you.
The more you know about yourself the better you are at adapting to life changes that suit your needs.

Yes, self-awareness is a big part of both therapy and philosophy, it is also the basis for self quantified movement, which assumes that collection of data about yourself,  promotes making improvements on that data.

Did you know there were times you consciously contributed to committing your name to memory? (P.A.T)
That now you don't need to remind yourself your name.

Do you know there were times you had to consciously wash your mouth every morning in order to get used to washing it everyday?  Now its just a norm.

Have you consciously contributed To your dreams, desires, the man/woman you want to become, so much that you just live it, speak it or Act it, like its already here (P.A.T)

How AWARE are you of who you are? And Who you want to be?
Try and answer.

Reread the definitions of AWARENESS...

This week... consciously stay awake to who you are, who you want to be and what you want to have. Make the pictures clear and run with it this week...

In a day ensure you consciously speak to yourself and think about it for like 5mins and like 6 times.

 That is you've given 30mins attention to the right thoughts.
 if you can do more each day better...

#Ask yourself questions.
#Answer them.
#Be honest to yourself.
#work with writting materials... You might need to write down things.

I love you.

Please do not fail to share with friends and family... So they can be a part of this self discovery journey I promise you its going to be fun.

You can drop your comments, and  questions.
Or you can as well text me on +2349020329299 or

Thank you.

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