Wednesday, 12 October 2016

WORDNEY's Second word for the month.... you can't miss this one.

Welcome to WORDNEY'S second word for the month. And we are going to memorize and use it this week...

You will be seeing acronyms such P.A.T meaning (Pause And Think).

T.A.M meaning (Try And memorize)

And the word for the letter B is .....


>To have confidence in the truth,
In the existence, or the reliability of something,

>To accept as "true" or "real"

What do you believe about yourself today?... P.A.T

Do you remember when, as a child you believed every Christmas would be a period of joy and celebration?
That belief produced Joy and happiness. No matter how little or big the celebration turned out, you found a reason to stay happy and joyful.

Do you remember when you believed all your relatives were good people?
That belief produced Love. You greeted and embraced all that came around not minding the look on your parents face.. Lol.

What are you believing these days?
What is your belief producing? Joy or pain?

Your beliefs are "silent" voices that echo within.
(I call it silent, because they act like they are saying nothing leaving you thinking that's just me or that's just normal). Try listening, yould hear it.

How do I change wrong programmed beliefs...
Reprogramme it. 
When it speaks don't just accept, reply with the right belief you want to work with today...


Some believe when they are angry they are powerful... ( but is very unhealthy: topic for another day)
So; to change that: when the programmed anger speaks... Silence its voice ..  And input joy instead, by saying " I stay joyful and happy. The truth is you might not feel it, but don't worry about the feelings,Just keep on believing and saying the right words... Feelings will follow. #Believe me.

Today think about what you believe, for yourself, friends, relationships, destiny and life as a whole and even your enemies and correct if there be need, or run with it, if you're already on the right path.

I love you.

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Your love and support. We cherish.

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