Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Gov. Rochas Okorocha inaugurates IMO AIR.

It is official, Imo state is the first state in Nigeria to own and operate an airline company. The news of the inauguration of Imo Air is spreading fast with the citizens of the state rejoicing over the new achievement. This is indeed a new achievement for the Igbos as they have made an impressive landmark for the tribe and the nation as a whole. The Imo airline would be operated by Dana Air. Governor Rochas Okorocha has ordered his stakeholders in the state to deliver the first batch of the aircraft to the Sam Mbakwe International Cargo Airport in Owerri, the state capital. Imo becomes the first state to have its own airline Governor Rochas Okorocha inaugurates Imo Airline. The carrier name of the airline is Imo Air; it would compete with other operators in the Nigerian aviation sector. It is hoped that it would boost the revenue of the state and provide massive employment for the citizens of the state and promote business opportunities. Imo becomes the first state to have its own airline Imo becomes the first state to have its own airline. The Ndi Igbo and Imolites are expected to benefit largely from the operation of the aircraft. Importers and exporters of all kinds of commodities will make use of the new airline and reduce the over reliance of the other international airports in the country. READ ALSO: Fulani youths state that peace would only reign if these 3 conditions are met Imo Air will boost the southeast economic struggle. It is expected that the cargo aspect of the Imo Air will start by April 2017. The 140-seater plane has Imo Air written boldly on it as it landed at the airport. Governor Rochas Okorocha stated that the plane would be operated by Dana airline because the state has not yet gotten the license to operate fully. Okorocha stated in his speech that he had always dreamt of putting the state on the fast lane of development and he promised not to rest until his desires for the state get fulfilled. The governor said Imo state is not affected in any way by recession. He said the state has cleared arrears of pension and has paid the salaries up to December 2016. The Imo state governor stated that the salary for January would soon be paid. The governor said “this is a happy moment in the State. The aim of going into the Air business is because I want to drive traffic to Imo State as Imo is genuinely becoming the fastest developing City outside Abuja and Lagos. For this, there is need for more airlines to cushion the effects of high traffic coming to the State. Imo government does not have an operating air license. So we needed to partner with a good and qualified airline operator. Hence, the choice of DANA Air because of its proven track record and sincerity of purpose. The Imo Air will be operated by DANA and we have a contract of ten years with them. We have five of this aircraft and the first one has just landed and four other ones will start operation in few weeks time. The International Cargo Airport will soon kick-start to supplement the efforts of Imo Air. In our pursuit of making Imo better, Imo International Cargo Airport will soon commence operations. Work is going on smoothly and by April God’s willing the fastest International Cargo Plane will arrive Imo State. This, we believe will help drive up commercial activities in the State. Imo is a hub for business and there is no better place to invest now in Nigeria than Imo State as inspite of the recession the State is still flourishing and progressing because of its visionary leadership." According to him, the air line would give 10 percent discount to all Imo indigenes flying in the plane. The operation will also employ 30 percent of Imo sons and daughters to help in the management of the Imo air line.

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