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Sunday, 12 March 2017


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Professor Femi Williams said the president's revelation that he had blood transfusion suggests he is anaemic
- President Buhari admitted he has never been this sick
Professor Femi Williams who is a certified physician in Anatomic Pathology from London and Ireland has revealed that President Muhammadu Buhari is suffering from anaemia.
The president returned to the country on Friday, March 10 after an extended medical vacation in London and Professor Williams, in an interview with The Nation, said the president’s blood transfusion was an indication that he was anaemic.
He said: “We now have a pretty good idea of diagnosis, which is now comprehensive or good enough to say that the diagnosis of President Buhari’s illness is anaemia.
“You cannot be transfused if you don’t have anaemia.”
“The negative clinical findings on the president that was published in The Nation on Feb 26, 2017 has been confirmed by the disclosure that the President was transfused with whole blood.
“In a previous photo of his hands prior to transfusion his nail beds were very pale indicative of clinical anaemia. The subsequent photograph of his hands that was analyzed showed that he was no longer clinically anaemic.
Buhari suffering from anaemia - Professor Williams
“The clinical history given by Mr. President that for the past 18 months he had been lethargic and feeling tired prior to his vacation is consistent with tiredness due to anaemia.
“Regaining his strength after transfusions that facilitated his return home suggests that the anaemia had been corrected successfully.
“There is therefore a preliminary diagnosis of anaemia meaning insufficient blood in the circulation.
“When this happens many organs including the brain, heart, liver, kidneys and lungs are starved of oxygen that is carried by blood to all parts of the body for efficient functioning of the person. “Sudden loss of blood as in road traffic accidents could be fatal. In this case the anaemia has been insidious and gradual over time.”
Continuing, Prof Williams said: “The question that arises in the absence of information, which is understandable, is the cause of the anaemia.
“The only information that can be gleaned from the Presidents history on arrival is his admonition against self medication. By so doing is he giving us some more relevant information that he had been told in London?
“This is the first time that a President advises that all citizens should trust their doctors and refrain from self medication. Is it possible that his anaemia is drug induced or drug related and that investigations in London revealed this? We do not know. If this is true common pain relieving drugs like Panadol may cause kidney damage and give rise to anaemia for which he received transfusions.
“Alternatively certain drugs also cause liver damage and anaemia but this is unlikely in his case since he was not jaundiced.”
“There are so many other causes of anaemia that cannot be dealt with here.”
“Of relevance to our last observation is the possibility that this may be anaemia related to some type of cancer that must be ruled out. Looking at the photos on arrival there is one suspicious positive finding and that his loss of muscle mass on the face in the area of the zygomatic arch below the ears.
“This is either due to some cancer somewhere or due to aging.”
The professor noted that the president’s disclosure might be a wake-up call to Nigerians to avoid over the counter medication.
“Protection of privacy is an extremely important feature in a democracy,” he said, adding: “however we, the people, have elected the President and are paying his salary and upkeep.
“We are therefore entitled to be concerned and to know that he has a sound mind in a sound body to govern us appropriately and effectively.
“There is really no need for secrecy because we are all mortals destined for the departure lounge en route to the other side called Heaven.
“The unfortunate aspect of the Nigerian life and society is that any health challenge can be exploited for political reasons, and may be used and abused by aspirants to high office. This is an unhealthy trend that must be discouraged in our national polity.”
“Protection of privacy is an extremely important feature in a democracy, however we, the people, have elected the President and are paying his salary and upkeep.
“We are therefore entitled to be concerned and to know that he has a sound mind in a sound body to govern us appropriately and effectively.
“There is really no need for secrecy because we are all mortals destined for the departure lounge en route to the other side called Heaven.
“The unfortunate aspect of the Nigerian life and society is that any health challenge can be exploited for political reasons, and may be used and abused by aspirants to high office. This is an unhealthy trend that must be discouraged in our national polity

Friday, 10 March 2017

FUTO's very own SMOKIZZY releases his latest track today.

He has been running the #DontSleepOnMe campaign for a while on his social media , asking Kizzings to stay glued to him cos he will be coming with something they will be proud of.

 But Just When we thought Smockizzy has let his foot off the gas , he hits us hard with a super come back from his last EP project V.A.D.I.C.T Volume 1 .

This is currently the " Biggest Cover Hit Song of 2017" coming from the shores of Nigeria.
A cover of Young M.A's super worldwide hit "Ooouuu", #TrapBoy4rmDaeast gives us a whole new and different twist to ooouuu by deciding to pen an open letter to whomsoever will be his future boo.

The way he's going, its high time someone got him the crown cos smockizzy ain't playing with y'all  anymore.

Awesome delivery and a strong obeisance to the ethics of Melody, we can't wait to get hold of the next song he promised to drop this march after this cover song!

Click on the link below to download the song 

Okay. The president is back. see photos of him.

President Muhammadu Buhari has returned to Nigeria at around on Friday, March 10 after an extended medical leave in London
According to This Day, the president landed in Kaduna airport after which he was choppered to Aso Rock Villa after left the country on January on a 10-day vacation.
The president was expected back into the country at the end of the month but sent another letter to the National Assembly informing of his decision to extend his vacation citing medical reasons.

His indefinite vacation fuelled speculation about the state of his health with rumours being spread that he was dead although this was refuted many times by his media aides, Garba Shehu and Femi Adeshina.
There was also speculation that the president could remain in the UK for four months due to medical complication although the Senate president, Bukola Saraki led a three-man delegation of himself, Speaker Yakubu Dogara and Senate Leader, Ahmed Lawani to meet Buhari in London.

Saraki insisted after meeting the president that he was hale and hearty and said he was in his usual high spirit.

Apart from the delegation led by Saraki, the president also received high-profile visitors at the Abuja House in London including All Progressives Congress (APC) leader, Bola Tinubu and Chief Bisi Akande.
His wife, Aisha also paid him a visit to confirm to Nigerians that he was hale and hearty as well as Governor Ibikunle Amosun of Ogun.

The last visitor he received before his return to Nigeria was Most Revd and Rt Hon Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury who visited on Thursday, March 9.
Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna wrote:

"WELCOME BACK PMB: The President is back. He has landed safely in Kaduna and received by Acting Governor Barnabas Yusuf Bala and senior KDSG officials. The government and people of Kaduna State are proud to receive our First Citizen back to his home to face the task of rebuilding Nigeria. Alhamdulillah. Jumaat Mubarak to everyone

How does he look?  And do you think of this whole thing?  
Drop your comments we will reply. 

Thursday, 9 March 2017


President Muhammadu Buhari is expected to return to Nigeria tomorrow, Friday March 10, 2017.

President Buhari to return to Nigeria on Friday
Chief Bisi Akande and APC national leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, during a visit to President Buhari in London.
The special adviser to the president on media and publicity, Femi Adesina, disclosed this in a statement on Thursday March 9.
Buhari left the country on January 19, 2017, for a vacation, during which he received medical treatment for an undisclosed ailment for over 50 days.
The vacation was supposed to last for 10 days but was extended indefinitely when the president sent a letter to the National Assembly asking for more time to attend to medical issues as suggested by his doctors.

The uncertainty surrounding the president's health had fueled rumours of his death in sections of the media



My daughter was born on the 3rd of March 2002, 5 months and 2 weeks of pregnancy. She was premature. I had just finished my overnight job as a bouncer in a club in Germany. She weighed 790grams, not even 1kg. On seeing her tiny structure inside the incubator, I cried like I never cried before. I asked God, why, why me? After crying out my heart, I realized only a miracle could save her. She is the reason till today, why my faith in God is so strong. I laid my hands over her and prayed. I did not know what to pray about, but I prayed my pains onto God and begged God not to allow my sins/punishment for my numerous transgressions be passed unto my little girl. I made a vow to God. 3 days later I went and paid the vow to my Church to be passed unto the poor and needy. My Pastor prayed with me. I prayed that my daughter would leave that Hospital without complications hence the vow/deal with God. My daughter is 14+ years old now, straight A student, speaks 3 international languages already and she left that Hospital without complications. What else can I say? My pain as I saw it then was actually God's way of drawing me closer to come to know him and have faith in him to prepare me for the movement that was to come. Jesus saves! Jesus still heals! Render your hearts to Him today and commit whatever that may sound so difficult to you unto Him today. He's there to always answer us when we call on Him. Glory be to God.