Monday, 1 May 2017

Masquerades appeared live in her event!!! See Photos.

Yeah it was on her birthday and pastry shop opening, that I witnessed the masquerades.

As I and my sis walked in from a distance seeing canopies and expecting the usual hippop sound that follows mostly all 21st century events in Nigeria,  instead we were welcomed with local drums and weird sounds like a ritual was taking place in there. Staring at my SIS and she back at me,  we wondered the next move to make a forward or backward movement?

But there she was with smiles enjoying and gracing the dance floor with steps like she was the goddess of her kingdom. "I guess the cake making kingdom".

Wouldn't bore you with the details of our pleasantries.... Going straight to the first chocolate cup cake I was served...

It tasted,felt, And nourished like that feeling you can't really express in words but by closing your eyes, smiling like you don't care if someone is watching.  This was me at that point.

For getting I was the blogger in the house I should atleast form lindaikeji,  i requested for extra,  which was a vanilla cup cake this time. At this point I can only tell you to call and order yours.

Finally we had a fun filled evening with the CEO of "cake on fleeks" Ms Marytherees A. Mbah IMO's fast rising entrepreneur.
She is one of the very hard working ladies I've met, creative, and humble.

If you've not tasted her Cake or pastries and you're in IMO state, you're on your own.
I rest my case.

See some pics of her event yesterday below...

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I love you.


  1. Where is d masquerade? I didn't see anyone here!

  2. Where is d masquerade? I didn't see anyone here!

  3. Lol.. In the first picture where she is dancing those two small masquerades standing beside the local drummers..