Friday, 12 May 2017

Monthly Food items on your door step.... #interesting

Hello.Dear Friend!   please take your time and go through this advert, a very good friend of mine who is a partner asked me to share with you,  knowing I don't share any how stuff here,  she assured this is for real. So just take your time go through it and know if it's something you'ld love to be a part of, and Ild also love to hear or read your testimonies when you eventually start benefiting. 

Are you a family man or woman who has many mouths to feed?? 

Are you spending so much monthly on food items??? 

Are you someone who has compassion on the poor and hungry and likes to give ??? 

Are you looking for what to use to appreciate your mother or siblings or any other  relation ???

Are you a student, bachelor or spinster looking for how to solve your monthly food problems???

There is a solution... 

You will have so much food items delivered to you with a very small token.. I'm in and reaping,  if you want to reap too,  just contact us

Join us on watsapp for our seminar every day by 7pm

Invite your friends and loved ones to share in this God given opportunity 

Welcome to Happy World with the mandate to

👉say no to hunger
👉feed our self and help many others to feed.
👉save ur the part of ur salary or income which u spend on food stuffs.
👉Have steady supplies of food all year round, no more budgeting just to save up for Xmass shopping.
👉travel to Israel or Saudi Arabia for vacation with one million Naira in addition for ur chopping
👉drive ur choice car etc

The benefits are numerous,  pls join hands let's put food on our table and help drive out hunger from Nigeria with only #6400 then refer 6 direct people.

God bless u as we do what Nigerian govt could not do.
[3/4, 9:10 AM] 👩💬Cool: *STEPS ON HOW IT WORKS*

At the point of registering with N6,400,you will receive a welcome package of Milk,Milo or Goldenmorn(u choose any)with Maggi

6stages make up mealgate matrix

- *FARM FEED STAGE*(Entry stage)
Here 6 downlines are needed.on completing d stage you wil receive a total bonus of $54.4=N10,880
This bonus are  paid as food items.

14 downlines to complete the matrix.this 14 are made up of your direct and indirect downlines in all the stages .
You get a total bonus of $384=N76,000 on completing the stage.
The bonus in this stage are in food items with the concept of *"FEED YOURSELF AND HELP FEED OTHERS"*

14 people required to complete the matrix.
*You get free food items worth $150=N30,000 for 7 MONTHS*
When you complete the stage you get a total bonus of $920=N184,000
*40% of the bonus as food items=N73,000*
*60% of it as cash $552=N110,400*

14 peolpe needed.On completing the stage you wil receive a total bonus of $4,200=N840,000
*40% of the bouns as fooditems*
*60% as cash $2,520=N504,000*
Apart from the above you will also go on *FREE TRIP to Saudi Arabia or Umrah, Israel or Dubai*,the trip is inclusive of $5,000 *Travelling Allowance*
*A brand new car* worth $22,000=N4,400,000 will be yours.

14 people.
You qualify for *free food items for 12 MONTHS*.
On completing the stage you will receive a total bonus of $7,240=N1,448,000.
*40% of it as food items $2,892=N579,200*
*60% as cash $4,344=N868,800
You also get *a brand new SUV (JEEP)* $30,000=N6,000,000

This is the final stage *Infinity earning of $6,000=N1,200,000* from every of your team member that join you.
Bonus here is also *40% food items and 60% cash*

This is the link for her chat group where you can reach her and get clarified... 
Or text us on 09051391906 and we will send you her number. 
You can always tell her Kingdavidpeter directed you for preferential treatment  😉

Thank you for reading Kingdavidpeter blog 
I love you. 

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