Monday, 29 May 2017

we had no choice but to deliver!!

That moment you’re getting used to the holiday and you’ve already engaged yourself with interesting activities and possibly one that pays, then you get this message that says Notice!! Notice!! Notice!! all students are expected to submit their seminar on or before 18th… your defence is on 19th then it dawns on you that today is 12th and you’ve not understood your topic talk less of starting your work, now you confirm you have less than a week to start, complete and memorize.

Was It our case or worse?

After romancing our predicament, we knew we had to start from somewhere. So we did.
After the sleepless nights and frustrating internet connections eg. Glo network… we were able to put our work together and deliver.
19th wasn’t a smiling day for men… guys were looking like it was their wedding day while girls turned envangelists in their skirt suits.
Our lecturers who specialize in making you forget the little you know, left some, wishing they entered alaba market to learn trading instead of the present stress and pressure.

But after all we came out smiling….

Even had reasons for after parties…..
trust PUH guys

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