Wednesday, 3 May 2017

The Nollywood fairytale...(every girls dream)... see photos

I didn't really want to write much today but this one came in and a blogger like me wouldnt share with you?  How can?

When I saw this wedding party movie featuring banky W and adesua etomi, then this banky's music video "made for you" featuring adesua too, Hmmm  I started suspecting thingzzz, but I was more of hoping it will all lead to something sweeter.

Today I was on my own adesua etomi came to my instagram page and posted this romantic picture,

i was like they have come again with another acting or music video,  but I looked down and saw this long letter attached to the picture...  The more I read the wider my eyes became, the more emotional I became, it dawned on me this wasn't a joke, something beautiful, concrete and real is going on here!

Oh my!!!!  Banky and adesua are engaged!!!!!  Like for real!!!!!  I'm happy for Banky!!!!  It's not an easy something finding the ONE ..... with the whole spotlight and single girls making themselves available.

Congratulations Banky and adesua!!!!

Still smiling....  Thank you for reading Kingdavidpeter blog
I love you.

Don't worry about me. I will find my own. 😆🙏

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