Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Some stuffs i know you'd love

shopping is my thing, and ild love to share some of my findings with you.
you can check these stuffs out, if you'd want to buy any or just admire, like i do sometimes.

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one of my window shopping discoveries

 Came across this and it caught me, Im soo getting one.


Zealot Mini Wireless Bluetooth Music Speakers Portable Speakers TF Card (S5)

By Zealot
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Key Features
  • Battery:Yes
  • Brand Name:ZEALOT
  • Cabinet Material:Plastic
  • Communication:Wireless
  • Material:Plastic
  • Model Number:S5


To make logical choices regarding sex is extremely important. If the choices made aren't logical, having unprotected sexual intercourse could result in unwanted pregnancy, STD’s such as herpes, pubic lice, HIV, and hurt feelings. One of the major risks of having unprotected sex is pregnancy. Pregnancy for teens, for instance, is their biggest fear of having sex as they rarely use contraceptives.

Long with the risk of pregnancy, there is always the fear of contracting a sexually transmitted disease/infection. Not all STD's or STI's are fatal, some cause mild genital irritation like pubic lice (crabs), but some can't be cured, for example herpes, and they will affect your life. The only way to prevent contracting is to be abstinent from sex, this means that you don't partake in any sexual intercourse.

As well as having to worry about pregnancy and STD's from the result of unprotected sex, emotions are also heavily involved. The media has a view of sex being the primary reason for a relationship, and exploit it in that way. Teen's relationships are mostly based on emotions; how they feel about the person. A relationship is all about trust, and partners need to communicate on how they feel about sex. If they both choose to stay abstinent, it will be more special for them if they continue to get married.

To make logical choices regarding sex is extremely important. If the choices made aren't logical, the results could be disastrous. It is important that you wait until you are mature enough to make correct and informed decisions about your sexual relationships.
Your "ABC” to a healthy sexual life.(Abstinence, Being Faithful, Using Condoms)

                           EGBE PETER KINGDAVID; REG. NO.:20121823127
                           EZEALA ADANNA O.          ; REG. NO.:20121823147
                           EKEADA BLESSING EBERECHUKWU; REG. NO.:20121823567 






Sunday, 25 June 2017


That power chose my parents.

That power chose me.

That power lead me from my dads sperm to my mums egg.

That power brought me forth on the 4th of October of that beautiful year.

That power delivered me from indoor and outdoor accidents as a child.

That power saw me through wise and foolish moments as a teenager.

Now I'm a millionaire who said That power will leave me?

Please Answer.
Let That power reply.

I love you

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#Dionedum _Heaven_

Beyonce's twins.

35-year-old U.S popular singer, Beyonce, has given birth to twins in Los Angeles, according to several reports.
Beyonce, a rapper and music producer Jay Z, already have a five-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy.
E! News, citing multiple unidentified sources on Saturday, reported the birth and that Jay Z and Blue Ivy were seen at a Los Angeles area hospital on Thursday.
Us Weekly, also citing multiple unidentified sources, reported that the couple welcomed twins earlier this week.
“Bey and Jay are thrilled and have started sharing the news with their family and closest friends,” one unidentified source told PEOPLE.
Reuters said it could not verify the reports. A representative for Beyonce did not respond immediately to a request for comment.
The celebrity news websites did not provide additional details, such as the date and time the twins were born or the sex of the infants.
Beyonce, one of the most powerful women in the music business, announced the pregnancy on her Instagram account in February along with an image of her posed in lingerie and caressing a noticeable baby bump.

The announcement got more than eight million “likes” in the first 24 hours to become the “most-liked” Instagram ever.
The R&B singer performed live at the Grammy awards in Los Angeles two weeks later, proudly displaying her swelling belly in a motherhood-themed show.
She has since posted numerous pictures of her bare baby bump on her social media accounts.
The birth of Blue Ivy caused a paparazzi storm in 2012, with New York’s Lenox Hill hospital shutting down part of its maternity wing to accommodate music’s royal couple.
Tweets have flooded the twitter on the birth, including that of Destiny’s grandchild which said: “everybody: the twins are here. me: I’ll wait for BeyoncĂ© to tell us FROM HER OWN MOUTH about Houston & Brooklyn.”
E! News said “Ring the alarm! BeyoncĂ© and Jay Z have officially welcomed twins”
“Waiting on #Beyonce to post a picture of the twins,’Mamba Out said.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

How time flies. #birthday wishes

Today 30 years plus ago he was born into the home of an auspicious banker and newly graduated fine artist. With so much smile on their faces and gratitude for the successful delivery after the turbulent pregnancy, he was named IKECHUKWU (gods power).
He was given the best, life could offer a child, he is his father’s joy.

Life plays her role on them, bringing happy times, sad times, trying times, separation and togetherness.

seldom expressing himself in words his next moves are unpredicted, (took that from his father), he grew up with the exquisite desire to serve, his passion to put smiles on the face of his loved ones is unmeasurable, his selfless love and readiness to sacrifice all to make you happy is unquestionable.

You might call him quiet but that would be questioned when his discipline mode is activated. He believes in respect and discipline. His colossal appetite might make you call him a chef but he’s nowhere close to knowing the way to the kitchen.  

He is a great believer of good life. He is an optimist (like his father) ….
I know so much about him but there is one I do not know.
Where he is right now.
But I am certain he is safe. 


Friday, 16 June 2017


Why should i say the fact you want to hear?
When i know there is a greater truth.

Why should i speak my situation?
When i know i dont want to be in it.

Why should i speak abusive words?
When i know it is an abuse.

Why should i say i hate you?
When i know i need love.

Why should i speak powerless words?
When i know powerful words  are ready to cause change.


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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

I LIVE ...

I did not come to earth to look for a partner (wife,husband,boyfriend, girlfriend etc...)

I did not come here to look for money.

I did not even come here to look for God (He is not lost. He knows i am here, besides he brought me here)

I came into earth alive to live.

And to live is to be fearless.

I am fearless


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I recommended this song -heaven- by Dionedum.
You'd love it
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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Ramadan in Federal University of Technology Owerri: KDP interviews one of the muslim student leaders.

Right now I’m with The secretary general of the muslim students society, also The director of studies, muslim students society futo chapter..
Brother, Dosunmu Yunus Adeniran, 
A 500L student of Public Health Department.

KDP: Welcome Sir.
         DYA: Thank you.
KDP: What is Ramadan?
        DYA: Ramadan is a period of fasting among the muslims, which means abstinence from food, it is a compulsory practice for all muslims
KDP: When does ramadan occur?
       DYA: Ramadan is a month in the muslim calendar, its around the 6 or 7th month of the Islamic calendar
KDP:So that means Ramadan occurs around june every year?
        DYA:yeah around may/ june
 KDP:how long does the Ramadan last?
          DYA:It lasts for a month which is usually 29 or 30 days
KDP:What inspired the Ramadan fast?
         DYA: In islam all prophets fasted in their own way… and proh. Mohammed (pbuh), the last messenger, was instructed by Allah to fast during the month of Ramadan.
KDP: What benefit does Ramadan have on muslims?
          DYA:Ramadan has a lot of benefits, which include moral and spiritual upliftment of muslims around the globe, there are also health benefits to the body like detoxification.
KDP:You said Ramadan is compulsory for all muslims?
 KDP: what about infants, the elderly and the sick?
          DYA:Children are encouraged to complete half of the period per day
The elderly are also encouraged to fast if they can and are willing.
The sick is also encouraged except if their health conditions cant permit them.
KDP:Is there any punishment attached to not keeping the fasting rules?
         DYA: Refusing to fast during the month of Ramadan when one can, is disobedience to Allah and not following the teachings of islam, also its only Allah that can reward fasting.
KDP: You are a FUTO student, is there a difference between school environ Ramadan and non school environ Ramadan?
          DYA:For non school environment more worship time is achieved, it is also easier to fulfil the ramadan requirements
KDP:So what are the requirements for Ramadan
          DYA:Worship activities
KDP:what are the worship activities/
DYA:we have solat ( compulsory five daily prayers)
making supplication to allah, praising allah, also reading the koran etc….
KDP:ok so what do you have to say to your fellow muslim students this Ramadan period
DYA:I understand that we face challenges during the month of Ramadan especially as students, so I encourage my fellow Nigerian muslim students to stay strong and try to gain the maximum benefits of Ramadan.
Wishing the muslim community of FUTO a blessed Ramadan…….

KDP: thank you Brother yunus……

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