Saturday, 24 June 2017

How time flies. #birthday wishes

Today 30 years plus ago he was born into the home of an auspicious banker and newly graduated fine artist. With so much smile on their faces and gratitude for the successful delivery after the turbulent pregnancy, he was named IKECHUKWU (gods power).
He was given the best, life could offer a child, he is his father’s joy.

Life plays her role on them, bringing happy times, sad times, trying times, separation and togetherness.

seldom expressing himself in words his next moves are unpredicted, (took that from his father), he grew up with the exquisite desire to serve, his passion to put smiles on the face of his loved ones is unmeasurable, his selfless love and readiness to sacrifice all to make you happy is unquestionable.

You might call him quiet but that would be questioned when his discipline mode is activated. He believes in respect and discipline. His colossal appetite might make you call him a chef but he’s nowhere close to knowing the way to the kitchen.  

He is a great believer of good life. He is an optimist (like his father) ….
I know so much about him but there is one I do not know.
Where he is right now.
But I am certain he is safe. 


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