Thursday, 8 June 2017

Ramadan in Federal University of Technology Owerri: KDP interviews one of the muslim student leaders.

Right now I’m with The secretary general of the muslim students society, also The director of studies, muslim students society futo chapter..
Brother, Dosunmu Yunus Adeniran, 
A 500L student of Public Health Department.

KDP: Welcome Sir.
         DYA: Thank you.
KDP: What is Ramadan?
        DYA: Ramadan is a period of fasting among the muslims, which means abstinence from food, it is a compulsory practice for all muslims
KDP: When does ramadan occur?
       DYA: Ramadan is a month in the muslim calendar, its around the 6 or 7th month of the Islamic calendar
KDP:So that means Ramadan occurs around june every year?
        DYA:yeah around may/ june
 KDP:how long does the Ramadan last?
          DYA:It lasts for a month which is usually 29 or 30 days
KDP:What inspired the Ramadan fast?
         DYA: In islam all prophets fasted in their own way… and proh. Mohammed (pbuh), the last messenger, was instructed by Allah to fast during the month of Ramadan.
KDP: What benefit does Ramadan have on muslims?
          DYA:Ramadan has a lot of benefits, which include moral and spiritual upliftment of muslims around the globe, there are also health benefits to the body like detoxification.
KDP:You said Ramadan is compulsory for all muslims?
 KDP: what about infants, the elderly and the sick?
          DYA:Children are encouraged to complete half of the period per day
The elderly are also encouraged to fast if they can and are willing.
The sick is also encouraged except if their health conditions cant permit them.
KDP:Is there any punishment attached to not keeping the fasting rules?
         DYA: Refusing to fast during the month of Ramadan when one can, is disobedience to Allah and not following the teachings of islam, also its only Allah that can reward fasting.
KDP: You are a FUTO student, is there a difference between school environ Ramadan and non school environ Ramadan?
          DYA:For non school environment more worship time is achieved, it is also easier to fulfil the ramadan requirements
KDP:So what are the requirements for Ramadan
          DYA:Worship activities
KDP:what are the worship activities/
DYA:we have solat ( compulsory five daily prayers)
making supplication to allah, praising allah, also reading the koran etc….
KDP:ok so what do you have to say to your fellow muslim students this Ramadan period
DYA:I understand that we face challenges during the month of Ramadan especially as students, so I encourage my fellow Nigerian muslim students to stay strong and try to gain the maximum benefits of Ramadan.
Wishing the muslim community of FUTO a blessed Ramadan…….

KDP: thank you Brother yunus……

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