Friday, 11 August 2017

The Erudite family takes over Futo. 

From the word Erudite meaning scholars or learned ones, information reaching us is that some learned, political and very influential students have come together to form an Academo-Socio-Political and cultural group know as the Erudites. 

It is rumored that this very group has been involved in humanitarian and philanthropic activities around Futo since this year, like hosting of free Tutorials, giving out of academic textbooks etc. 
They've actually helped a student Enterprenure own a shop of her own at Poly Junction along Nekede road, they've also helped some students Settle their academic and accommodation problems, and in their just concluded general meeting which was on 11th August, they gave out scholarship to a student.
They claim to be ready to do even more. 

It is said that the only Extra Curricular activity done in Futo is Politics, so there is a possibility that this is a political group.
Nevertheless, Even if it's a political movement, they seem to have achieved in just few months what other political groups have not achieved in over 15 years.

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